Service Virtualization

Service virtualization involves creating and deploying a "virtual asset" that simulates the behavior of a real component which is required to exercise the application under test, but is difficult or impossible to access for development and testing purposes.

A virtual asset stands in for a dependent component by listening for requests and returning an appropriate response—with the appropriate performance. For a database, this might involve listening for a SQL statement, then returning data source rows. For a web service, this might involve listening for an X ML message over HTTP, JMS, or MQ, then returning another XML message.

The virtual asset's functionality and performance might reflect the actual functionality/performance of the dependent component, or it might simulate exceptional conditions (such as extreme loads or error conditions) to determine how the application under test responds under those circumstances.

Service virtualization can help lower quality assurance costs, shorten release cycles, reduce risks, and eliminate critical development and testing constraints by visualizing IT resources to provide on demand accessibility and capacity for teams across the entire software life cycle.

It helps our clients optimize their software test and delivery life cycle for greater quality and agility in an environment of constant change by simulating the behavior of a physical asset in software emulator and hosting that emulator in a virtual environment.

Service virtualization models the behavior of the system under test and stores the model and behaviour in a virtual environment for later testing. Application virtualization can customize multiple virtual test environments that can provide productivity and time-to-market gains by enabling more parallel development across interdependent teams. Application virtualization reduces or eliminates infrastructure costs for test labs, test harnesses, responders and mockups, including hardware, software licenses, and configuration costs.

Provides the ability to rapidly create multiple virtual test environments customized for development and testing teams

Provides testing teams with 24/7 availability for testing, as needed, without dependencies on back-end systems and data stores

Delivers realistic simulated development and test environments at a fraction of the cost of physical server environments

Provides testing teams the ability to test more thoroughly throughout the life cycle without worrying about data or service availability

Shortens release cycles, reduces risks, and eliminates critical development and testing constraints by actualizing IT resources

As part of our Innovation offering; we offer application virtualization services by leveraging on IBM’s Rational Integration Tester product suite. We are the first company in South Africa to have set up a CoE in this space.

Speak to us to understand how we can save you time and money on your testing projects via our service virtualization offerings.