Legacy Modernisation

A Typical Large Organization; Running Large Legacy Landscapes Face The Following Challenges-
Revenue Losses:

Given the fact that legacy systems are green screen based with dimension restrictions, the operators are consistently required to traverse many screens in order to achieve a task and manually type inputs to the screens. This always leads to human errors, which in turn lead to revenue losses.

Poor Operational Efficiencies:

Green screen interfaces are complex and do not support workflow automation. Hence, time per transaction for such environments is generally long. Such systems manage large amount of transactions and form the core of back-end processes, which leads to longer response times and poor operational efficiencies.

Difficulties In Integration To Other Systems:

Given the complex and closed nature of legacy systems, it is very difficult to integrate legacy systems to other business systems to provide workflow automations and seamless processing capabilities.

Reporting Requirements:

Reporting is generally non-existent in legacy environments, and if existent, are batch driven and requires very specialised skills and printers to do the same.

User Experience:

The back office teams, which are generally the predominant users of legacy environments, are always in need of better user interface that can provide a more interactive user experience at a much faster rate.0

Limited Application:

There are limitations to using the current trends such as BYOD and Cloud Computing.

Does the above sound familiar; and is your organization struggling with similar challenges? We have a solution for you.

At Maxisoft Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd we empower our clients to say no to Green Screen with our unique application modernisation services. In partnership with Rocket Software; Maxisoft Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd brings an offering that will transform the way your business operates. We can assist you to unlock the true value of your legacy environment by allowing exposure of legacy functionalities on to web and mobile based platforms.

Our unique Legasuite Transformation Model is a framework that is developed and perfected over many years; that ensures successful implementation of modernization projects; via well integrated processes and tool sets.

LegaSuite GUI helps organizations to easily web-enable and mobile-enable existing green-screen applications, automate application processes and navigation, and integrate with desktop and web applications.

Clients can go from working with text-based interfaces to working with functional, attractive web and mobile applications—without the risk of changing their original applications that run their business every day. Clients can preserve the original business logic and data while offering the functionality in a web-friendly and mobile- friendly format.

Legacy Modernisation - Maxisoft Consulting Services

Character-based or green-screen applications can be unfamiliar and even intimidating for today’s knowledge workers. LegaSuite GUI focuses on improving this user experience, making your green-screen applications look and behave as new web and mobile applications. Your users learn their applications faster and become more productive.

The solution is a lifecycle approach and a non-invasive option towards legacy modernisation that involves zero development effort on the legacy side and requires zero downtime of your legacy environment.