Infrastructure Services

Virtualisation Services

A competitive enterprise is also an agile one. As the world evolves and opportunities grow, so do the services, applications, servers and devices required to get business done.

Maxisoft consulting Services Pvt.Ltd. helps you gain control over your growing technology needs to become a more nimble enterprise. Our virtualization experts help you create and implement a plan to reduce your server footprint, leverage underused capacity and consolidate IT resources and company data. This translates to improved application availability and performance and an ability to simplify system management and delivery.

We are equipped to help assess, design, build, migrate, manage and secure highly valuable, comprehensive virtualization solutions. The payoffs can help improve business continuity management, reduce energy consumption and floor space requirements, create more responsive focused staff and efficient operations, and control IT costs.

Some of the Virtualized Server solutions include: V-sphere from VMware, Hyper-V from Microsoft, ID-VSE from HP, and HP VMS virtualization.

We also specialize in implementation of complex Desktop Virtualization platforms on zero and thin client environments while working with various peripherals such as scanners, printers, biometric readers and signature pads.

Managed Services

Maxisoft consulting Services Pvt.Ltd. has crafted strategic partnerships with several leading infrastructure and telecommunication providers in South Africa and is sufficiently equipped with the experience and expertise required to offer services in the following verticals:

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Connectivity as a Service
  • Communication as a Service
  • Solution as a Service
  • Backup as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • VOIP Services
  • Infrastructure Monitoring & SLA Management

Enterprise Service Management

Every department in the enterprise is a service provider. While services are well defined and automated within IT, they are often inefficient, unstructured or non-existent in other enterprise service domains. Savvy IT leaders view this as an opportunity to help their business peers replace inefficient email-based service request and fulfilment processes with an enterprise-wide service model based on proven IT processes and technology.

Maxisoft consulting Services Pvt.Ltd. offers state of the art on-premise or on-demand solutions to enable enterprise shared services and lines-of-business; enabling them to expand service management to an enterprise discipline. Our products and services enable our client organizations to end to end automate Service Management and Monitoring process and report on performance real time via interactive dashboards and detailed reports.