Corporate social responsibility

At Maxisoft Consulting Services Group, we strongly believe that the best measure of growth and success lies beyond the balance sheet. It is best reflected in the contribution that a company makes to society and the environment it thrives in. Since our inception we have undertaken a number of sustainable initiatives and welfare activities as an integral part of our operations. Community, to us, is the most important stakeholder. Many in our team are engaged on a personal level in contributing towards their local communities with our full support and encouragement.

Midrand Vichi Knights Football Club had its beginnings as an initiative to encourage and train the local children to play football after school hours. The success of the training sessions, the enthusiasm of the children and the overwhelming support of their parents and the community as a whole led to Maxisoft heading the formation of the Midrand Vichi Knights Football Club in 2012. The weekly meetings had grown from casual football matches and fitness training to strategic football coaching at no cost for the children. The MVK Football club joined the SAFA league in 2012 with 3 teams, U10, U13 and U16, and were exposed to league football for the first time.

We have ensured that the children at Midrand and the surrounding areas lack nothing when it comes to their game. In the first year of the league the MVK Football Under 11 team won the league in their division. The Club trains at the Halfway House Primary School, using the grounds for training on weekdays and Saturdays. There are 60 children in the club at present and we aim to strengthen the growth of the club by including additional little league divisions.

The Maxisoft Consulting Services team has committed itself to this project by not only ensuring that it is sustained financially, but also continuing to help out in any way we can, because positively impacting a society extends beyond the required minimum.