Consulting Services

Enterprise Architecture

Even the most competent architecture practices often require help to implement architecture projects of critical nature, especially when time is of the essence. Enterprise Architecture allows evolving organisations to continually align business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions.

Maxisoft’s EA Competency (Maxisoft) supports organisations with an array of services to ensure each requirement is fully supported with the right method and execution capability - whether sourced and delivered internally, externally or in combination.

Maxisoft approach includes the global standard methodology and frameworks.

Maxisoft offerings include:-

  • Business Blueprints across applications, information and technology
  • Application portfolio health assessments
  • Target state architectures
  • Gap analysis
  • Architecture road maps and transition plans
  • Technology reference models and roadmaps

We specialize in Service Oriented Architecture, Multi Channel Architecture, Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Application Architecture, Technology Architecture, EACoE.

Business Analysis & Requirements gathering

Every new activity, product or project requires technologically-backed research. The quality of business analysis that is completed at an early phase, is the yardstick for a competitive strategy.

A focused and detailed business analysis aids in the process of discovering, analyzing, defining, and documenting the requirements that are related to a specific business objective. It also allows clients to clearly and precisely define the scope of the project, so that they can assess the timescales and resources needed to complete it.

At Maxisoft, we believe that investing in the best practice business modelling and requirements gathering approach at the start of your project will not only help you to build a better business but will also identify vulnerable areas at a point where it is most cost effective to address them.

Maxisoft offers business analysis and requirements gathering service, both as part of an overall SDLC or as a standalone consulting assignment. Our delivery teams, equipped with certified consultants, have over 20 years of Business Analysis experience and have spearheaded several strategic projects. Our services are aligned to adhere to BABOK® 2.0 Standards.

Enterprise Architecture Services - Maxisoft

Process Designing & Re-engineering

Maxisoft’s Business Process Design Methodology has successfully delivered business benefits including increased understanding and transparency, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency, buy-in and cultural change by leveraging our expertise and experience to deliver process-based excellence.

The Maxisoft and In4BPR – The In4 Business Process Design Methodology draws on our extensive industry knowledge gained from our elaborate suite of services. The redesign of business processes and the associated systems and organizational structures involve and combine comprehensive business analysis techniques with targeted project, change and communication management. Our Process Strategy, Process Design, Process Implementation and Process Control framework provides a structured approach and maximizes efficiency for the initiative.

The method component includes:

  • A comprehensive engagement model for full lifecycle projects from Analysis through to Deployment
  • A comprehensive set of best practices, tools and techniques to support those engagements
  • A strong program and project management competence
Business Process Reengineering - Maxisoft


Fit for purpose


The Maxisoft team has honed excellence in the application of business process design in government and commercial settings owing to several years of practical knowledge. We believe that since no two organizations can be completely alike, neither should the solutions. Our motto is to customize our services than resort to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We draw on key underpinning principles making our work flexible and fit for purpose, and tightly align our modelling to BPMN (Business Process Modelling and Notations) standards.

Our comprehensive suite of business process management services has evolved from years of presence in the industry and is designed to offer optimum value to your transformation initiative.

  • Enterprise Process Governance
  • Business Process Modelling & Architecture
  • Business Process Analysis & Design
  • Business Process Execution & Integration
  • Process Centre of Excellence

System Analysis & Design

Maxisoft provides complete Systems Analysis and Design (SyAD) service to help your company develop the right solution for your information system needs. We provide the capability to drive strategic and tactical analysis from a single, integrated view of your business, which enables reduced development time, added investment protection, increased flexibility and quicker adaptability.

Our SyAD approach uses a combination of three techniques based on organisational challenges and business goals:

Logical Data Modelling

The process of identifying, modelling and documenting the data requirements of the system being designed. The data is separated into entities (the various types of information a company has to record) and relationships (the associations between the entities).

Data Flow Modelling

The process of identifying, modelling and documenting how data moves around an information system. Data Flow Modelling examines processes (activities that transform data from one form to another), data stores (the holding areas for data), external entities (what sends data into a system or receives data from a system) and data flows (routes by which the data can flow).

Entity BehaviourModelling

The process of identifying, modelling and documenting the events that affect each entity and the sequence in which these events occur.

Each of these three system models provides a different viewpoint of the same system, and each viewpoint is required to form a complete model of the system being designed. The three techniques are cross-referenced against each other to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the whole application.

SyAD Model application development projects are divided into five modules that are further categorized into a hierarchy of stages, steps and tasks:

Feasibility Study

The business area is analysed to determine whether a system can cost effectively support the business requirements.

Requirements Analysis

The requirements of the system to be developed are identified and the current business environment is modelled in terms of the processes carried out and the data structures involved.

Requirements Specification

Detailed functional and non-functional requirements are identified and new techniques are introduced to define the required processing and data structures.

Logical System Specification

Technical systems options are produced and the logical design of update and enquiry processing and system dialogues.

Physical Design

A physical database design and a set of program specifications are created using the logical system specification and technical system specification.

Security Consulting

Maxisoft offers a complete value chain of Logical Security, Physical Security and Integrated Building Management services to its clients.

Maxisoft Security Offerings include
  • Seamless integration of premier industry technologies
  • Open architecture design to implement across numerous third party systems
  • Platform standardisation and event-driven automation
  • Industry defining partnerships from manufacturer to integrator to customer
  • Database management, application programming and program management
  • Ability to service and expand existing integrated systems
Security Consulting Services - Maxisoft
Maxisoft Intelligence services include
  • Consulting on Security Blueprint
  • Consulting on physical and logical security convergence
  • Consulting onCommand and Control Centres
  • Consulting onGreen Buildings and Energy Management systems
  • Implementation of Physical Security Solutions
  • Implementation of CCTV, HVAC, Fire Monitoring, PA and related systems
  • Implementation of Logical Security across all business tiers
  • Implementation of Biometric technology including AFIS and IRIS systems
  • Implementation of Building Management and Smart Energy Management systems

Program & Project Management

Programme and project management at Maxisoft Programme and Project Management competency (Maxisoft) marry certainty of outcome and delivery with real innovation.

We create exceptional results by bringing together teams with the right experts and the practical experience to challenge conventional thinking. Our collaborative approach and hands-on style help clients realise benefits quickly, achieving a significant and lasting impact.

At Maxisoft, our experts identify our clients' strategic options and configure complex programmes from integrated projects. By providing strong, expert leadership from the start of a project, we give clients the level of confidence and assurance that they require. We develop project and programme delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale projects around the world.

Project Management Consulting - Maxisoft
  • Achieve overall delivery excellence
  • Establish a standardised and centrally managed management system
  • Ensure standardised execution of repeatable projects centrally and across regions
  • Comply with a standardised Project Life Cycle Model (PLCM)
  • Institutionalise standardised program and portfolio KPIs across the business
  • Ensure all project tools are utilised and supported
  • Guarantee data accuracy and integrity at appropriate levels
  • Measure project management efficiency and effectiveness
  • Align with international best practice and appropriate standards

We have experience in setting up structures, processes and tools for creation of focused Programme and Project Management Centre of Excellence (CoE) for client and our experts have experience across various international standards such as PMBoK,P3M3, PMI, COBIT, etc.

We have technical competency in implementation and utilization of various best of the breed tools such as Oracle Primavera, SAP PPM and Microsoft EPM.

Center Of Excellence

Excellence is typically defined as “a place where the highest standards of achievement are aimed for in a particular sphere of activity.” A concept deployed in the Information Technology space, the “CoE” or Centre of Excellence approach provides structure, centralized knowledge and dedicated resources to a narrow area of expertise or specialty.

Maxisoft follows a structured approach towards the setting up of CoEs:

Center Of Excellence - Maxisoft

The CoE is typically staffed with subject matter experts in the chosen field who promote collaboration and the application of knowledge, techniques, tools and processes.

Maxisoft ensures that the Centre of Excellence provides:


  • Highly specialized
  • Limited availability


  • Process and methodology selection, implementation and maintenance

Body of Knowledge

  • Training materials
  • Process documentation
  • Templates, tools, techniques, etc.


  • Team-based problem solving
  • Complete end-to-end view of processes
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing


Maxisoft offers three main delivery-based business models for setting up of CoEs:

Repository Model

  • Maintenance & support by subject matter Experts on best practices, methodology and tools
  • Provides a consulting / training role
  • Research and advice function

Governance Model

  • Project planning support
  • Portfolio management functions
  • Enforcement of methodology

Service Provider Model

  • Development of turnkey solutions
  • Dedicated resources
  • Centre of Excellence for projects
  • Coordination of efforts and initiatives