Application Services

Application Development

Delivering better time to market and measurable business improvement, Maxisoft consulting Services’s Application Development, Maintenance and Quality Assurance Services (Maxisoft consulting Services Pvt.Ltd.).

Maxisoft consulting Services Pvt.Ltd. offerings provide application consulting, custom application development, testing, quality assurance and ongoing maintenance services. We develop high quality business applications; with quicker turnaround time; that help you increase operational efficiency and sustain your competitive advantage.

We use a combination of agile methods to quickly build high quality business applications for standard technology platforms like Microsoft® .NET, Java, open source and mainframe z/OS. Our tools, processes and best practices streamline development and apply automation and accelerators that increase the productivity and quality of software development.

Applications Development Services accelerate the delivery of high quality business applications with fewer defects, less rework and lower cost. With broad technology skills across all major platforms and technologies, we develop software applications that cost you less to build and less to run over their lifetime.

Mobile Application Development - Maxisoft

Application Modernisation

At Maxisoft we are dedicated to accelerating your legacy evolution initiatives by helping you gain the maximum return for your investment in your legacy environment. Our strategic offerings help you unlock the potential of your legacy environment while enabling your organization to adopt newer technologies such as Cloud Computing and BYOD.

Maxisoft has partnered with Rocket Software to offer the most comprehensive platform of legacy liberation technologies available today for enterprise computing. Our Legasuite Transformation Model LTM™ is a body of experience in liberating legacy systems that spans more than 15 years.

Application Modernisation Services - Maxisoft

Application Lifecycle Management

Maxisoft service has been developed with the single-minded objective of simplifying management of your application portfolio. By providing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) we enable you to run your application landscape as smooth and process-driven as a factory. We offer you flexible ALM for complex environments, simplified ALM for complex work and uncomplicated ALM for complete visibility and collaboration.

Our ALM solutions help simplify software development by providing you with the infrastructure to automate everything that happens from the moment a change request comes up until the time you deliver your solution into production. No matter how complex, our ALM offering ensures that your IT requests, projects, changes, and releases are consistently tracked, managed, and readily accessible across your entire IT organization — from the service desk and application development to operations and management.

Application Lifecycle Management - Maxisoft

We have experience in implementing many ALM solutions from ISVs such as IBM, Microsoft, Rocket Software, Serena, SAP, Oracle and Atlassian.

SAP Solution Manager Offerings

Maxisoft specializes in implementation of SAP Solution Manager as an application lifecycle management and monitoring tool for small, medium and large SAP environments. Our sound understanding of Run SAP as a Factory model (RSLaF) and tight alignment to ASAP (Accelerated SAP) methodologies empowers our clients to rely completely on our capabilities to install, configure and monitor their SAP Environment.

Application Integration

Our integration solutions are derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. We believe that integration services can help organizations realize an IT architecture that is able to achieve real time process integration between its disparate applications, while allowing end-to-end automated business processes.

With our unique Legacy Transformation Approach, we help our clients in Legacy Integration and Service Orchestration on Legacy platform.

We provide varied industries with end-to-end solutions -

  • Integration architecture design and consulting
  • Integration development, migration and consolidation
  • Integration application maintenance
  • SOA service governance, consulting, development and maintenance
  • Business Process Management – consulting, development and maintenance
  • Business Activity Monitoring – consulting, development and maintenance
  • Business Activity Monitoring – consulting, development and maintenance
  • End-to-end integration services using Open Source Integration Platforms
  • End-to-End Legacy Integration Services and Legacy SOA Transformations
  • Establishment of CoEs for Enterprise Integration

Strategic alliances with leading technology players enable us to deliver cost effective integration services that are steady, scalable, smart, innovative and result-oriented for your business.

Application Integration Services - Maxisoft

Business Intelligence

Maxisoft’s Intelligence Service provides a reliable and effective means of realising organisational business intelligence and information management goals through our state-of-the-art Enterprise Information and Intelligence Management services.

By some industry estimates, 60–70 % of the business world’s critical information is maintained on mainframe systems. Depending on the industry, large segments of this data are still stored in a non–relational structure that is incompatible with relational data base management systems (RBMS).

Maxisoft’s Intelligence service helps you transform your information management journey by empowering you to integrate relational and non-relational data across your legacy platforms and gain real time access to legacy data.

Maxisoft in partnership with Rocket Data is transforming the way business is run by eliminating batch processes and unreliable ETL process with data virtualisation and direct access to data.

Our offerings enable organisations to unlock the potential in their legacy data and to embrace the big data strategy with real intent while supporting BYOD and Cloud Computing.

Maxisoft offers the below BI offerings across all major product suites
  • Enterprise Information Strategy Consulting
  • Enterprise Data Consolidation Services
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Data Presentation and Dashboard Services
  • Big Data
  • Performance and KPI Management
  • Direct access to Legacy data
Our Product focus in the Enterprise Intelligence space includes but is not limited to
  • Rocket Data
  • SAP BI/BW and BO
  • SAS
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Teradata
  • Informatica
  • Qlikview
  • Hadoop
  • Mango DB

Application Testing

As business application development becomes more dynamic, distributed and component-based, employment of new approaches is consistently needed in testing to help business applications deliver the demanding needs of the business.

Maxisoft is a Next Generation Testing practice that represents how testing must evolve to address these challenges across the development lifecycle. It is driven by four factors - cost reduction, quality improvement, risk management and schedule acceleration.

Our reliable testing competency has a mature model of On Demand Testing Service provisioning which focuses on flexible engagement with client internal development and testing teams to provide outcomes based test services.

Maxisoft has proven capabilities in establishing TCOEs (Testing Centre of Excellence) for both medium and large-scale enterprises.

Maxisoft services has the following primary service streams:
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Test Management
  • Manual Functional Testing
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Vulnerability Testing & Compatibility
Application virtualisation

Application virtualisation service has been designed to help lower quality assurance costs, shorten release cycles, reduce risks, and eliminate critical development and testing constraints by virtualising IT resources to provide on demand accessibility and capacity for teams across the entire software lifecycle.

It helps our clients optimise their software test and delivery lifecycle for greater quality and agility in an environment of constant change by simulating the behaviour of a physical asset in software emulator and hosting that emulator in a virtual environment.

Application virtualisation models the behaviour of the system under test and stores the model and behaviour in a virtual environment for later testing. It allows customisation of multiple virtual test environments that can provide productivity and time-to-market gains by enabling more parallel development across interdependent teams. It is also designed to reduce or eliminate infrastructure costs for test labs, test harnesses, responders and mock-ups, including hardware, software licenses and configuration costs.

Additional benefits of Application Virtualization:
  • Provides the ability to rapidly create multiple virtual test environments customised for development and testing teams
  • Provides testing teams with 24/7 availability for testing, as needed, without dependencies on back-end systems and data stores
  • Delivers realistic simulated development and test environments at a fraction of the cost of physical server environments
  • Provides testing teams the ability to test more thoroughly throughout the lifecycle without worrying about data or service availability
  • Shortens release cycles, reduces risks, and eliminates critical development and testing constraints

As part of our Next Generation Testing we offer application virtualisation services by leveraging on IBM’s Rational Integration Tester product suite.